Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Intro

Well below is the start of what has turned into many experiences, i will expand more on the below with D & J, JB and M, yes we stayed together for about another 2 years, unfortunately she never understood my fascination with group sex so i never got to play with her, which ultimately is what broke us up, and she fell in love with someone else, meanwhile i was in love with 'everyone' else! haha, well life does have its mysteries...

The fun begins in the now as i post for you for when i got stuck in Singapore working insanely to finish a project and wasn't home for about 6 weeks. It happens in Singapore's Fullerton Hotel, for any of you who know it, its bloody posh, and they probably didn't want types like me staying there at the time, i was going over the border to Malaysia each day to a place called Johor Bahru, or otherwise known as JB to the locals, which did amuse me at the time given the JB incident.

I was going over the border doing work for a company called Colombian Aircraft, we were doing aerial shots each day of the aircraft for a new promotion they were doing, and i was coming back filthy every night, and heading straight to the bar for a beer. The photographer and i were hanging out the door of helicopters trying to get that 'perfect' shot of the plane in the sky, which by the way is FUCKING difficult.

On the day when i finally thought i had it, i was meeting some people at the Post Bar (the bar in the Fullerton) when i was running about 2 hours late to get back, we got really held up at the border which just thrilled me to bits, but such is life. They were friends but also potential clients for me, as they held marketing rights to a number of brands i was looking after in Tokyo, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong, so i did want this account! By the time i finally arrived i was dirty, looked homeless, and pissed off, and i wanted a beer. I walked into the bar and saw them immediately, when they saw me i waved went over, said hi etc, the comments flew thick and fast, they were quite upper class and well to do types from London living in Singapore making a stack of money, so i think they were a little taken a back by my look.

I said i just want a drink, then ill shower and we can go for dinner. They seemed happy with that, but couldn't contain themselves when i said how i had got so dirty, hanging out of choppers taking photos of planes, you end up smelling like aero fuel and get this black stain all over u, there is a reason those things have doors i have discovered.

Ill use there real names, as they are no longer in Singapore, and i found out recently that they were well known for their antics in the swinging scene, which by the way is illegal in Singapore. Darren and Irene were a married couple, very well to do as I say, but only on the outside it would seem, they are one of the dirtiest couples i have ever met, i didn't know that at the time though.

I sat through dinner very politely at Boat Quay eating some local food and enjoying it, when a very drunk friend of Irene's invited herself to sit down and have a drink with us, she also said that she was "as pissed as a fart" in a great english accent and that she could fuck a pole she was so horny. Well so was i, and told her so, very matter of factly, and when i was done eating perhaps we could go back to hotel and fuck like monkeys!

Well it worked, what i couldn't understand was why Danny and Irene were following us, so i asked my very pissed new pole fucking friend (Kate) about it, and in some of the best slur of all time she said they will be joining us for a fuck! ok sure, i thought, but what about the business, so let Irene take over walking Kate back to the hotel and had a quiet word in Darren's ear about it, he said never mind young man, these are brownie points for you! I was thrilled with that comment and couldn't get to the hotel quick enough from that point...

Well what a night, Kate got naked and literally fell asleep on the chair, yep she was that pissed, Darren suggested i eat some of Irene's gorgeous cunt! Well never one to be impolite i dove in, as one does, and he was right, Irene was in her early 30's and had one of the best pussies of all time! she suggested a 69, i was all for it, then thought where the fuck is Darren, well he was amusing himself with the very drunk Kate, who he was lying underneath trying to get her to piss on him, shit on him, anything basically, and coming out with some amazing comments to suggest they were anything but uppity types, sounded more like trailer trash to me, but i was having fun so tuned out and continued to lick pussy until Irene came. She then proceeded to give me the weirdest hand / blow job of my life, and after Kate started pissing on Darren - all over my hotel floor he blew very quickly with some amazing flying cum as well, went well past his head with each shit he blew. Well that set me off purely for the fact i wanted my cock back in one piece which indeed turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Irene thought it was cool to scrape her teeth rather hard up my cock after i had cum.

You can be assured i got the business from them, but never again did i partake in any action with them, i just didn't find it that stimulating, but it was nice to see another side to them!

Monday & Tuesday Night

Well it had certainly been a severe weekend, and i had a lot on my mind, with JB, my gf, D & J tonight, what a crazy and tumultuous time, and that's when i started think i cant wait to get back to Asia and give myself a couple of weeks to think about all this crazy stuff...

Anyway i got through my meetings that day and ended up cancelling dinner with D & J, and decided to fly to Adelaide to see the girl. I felt bad after treating her like i did, so thought a dinner and night with her might help to redeem me - well sort of. I had been thinking i should book a holiday for us both and this other mutual couple we are friends with, S & A.

So i flew down late that afternoon and went to her hotel, rang her room, however she wasn't in, so called her mobile and asked what she was doing, she said eating dinner with a colleague, and i knew what that meant, her boss no less, and the guy is a creep, i never liked him one iota, however always shut my mouth and said that's nice, what restaurant are you at, by this time she wasn't happy with the 30 questions and said where she was, just down the road, so i walked that direction stopped to buy some flowers for her and then sat outside until she finished, which ended up being about an hour and a half later. She walked out holding hands with the creep looking very happy with herself.

This is another defining moment in my life, as it allowed me to open up to myself that i can take a knock every now and then, and its exactly what i needed. I called her mobile again still out of site, but close enough to here, and watched her say that its my boyfriend, should i answer it to her boss? Well given he wanted to get in her pants he said no don't bother he will be there tomorrow, lets get a drink and get a bit silly!

Well at that point when M's face lit up, i was pissed off, and not one to be deterred by pathetic bosses i went up to them with the flowers in hand and said i am fucking glad i just heard what was said, because when i smack you in the head shortly you'll know why! M just had this look of horror on her face, i said to her if her career is more important than me its fine - but she could have at least told me she was going to sleep with her boss to get a promotion... I usually stay calm in these scenarios, but tonight it warranted that tosser getting the shit kicked out of him, not because he knew she had a bf, but because he is just a fucking loser and needed to be taught a lesson. Needless to say he looked like shit the next few days, when M and i started talking again she said he took the rest of the week of work claiming that he had food poisoning, when the real reason was he had to very black eyes, and he didn't want to explain it to everyone.

I checked into a hotel and actually had a great sleep that night, and flew back to Sydney the next morning. I guess my guilt had subsided as i knew what M was about to do. I rang JB and told him, he laughed as well, seemed like all was getting back to my new form of normal. I also rang D & J that day to re-schedule dinner, which they said they would, but invited them to my place and said i would cook, just to bring themselves.

Dinner was really nice, i cooked some brilliant steaks, (beef in Tokyo especially is like a weekly wage to most), and enjoyed it with some nice wines and salads... I told D & J about the last few days back in Oz, they were in hysterics most of the time, mainly i guess because J had similar experiences, but D was really into it, so they got lucky when they stayed together, as D was thinking about leaving J, now she thinks she is mad!

Well all that talk of sex had me getting horny as hell, so i suggested an after dinner aperitif, to which they both obliged, and i went and arranged a cognac to sip on for all of us. As J and i were getting into sports talk D decided to do the dishes, to which i said please just leave them, ill do it tomorrow, but she insisted, and J said probably just let her do it, she hates talking sport, keep her amused for half an hour.

Well right in the middle of a great footy conversation D emerged wearing nothing but an apron she had obviously bought with her, it looked like something straight out of a porn scene! I was instantly hard again and J said he was as well, so that ended that convo very quickly and we went inside to the privacy of the lounge room, where we all got naked and had another full night of sex, they stayed until 7am, so it really was a full night of shagging, and i have to say it was fantastic, i fucked D & J, J fucked D, asked if i would be into it yet, but i thought not as he has a really big tool, and thought i do need to be able to walk tomorrow. All in all though we had a great night.

When they left to head home and shower and go to work, i thought i should get one last run in, before packing and heading to the airport. I ran into a mate at check ins, so we had breakfast, it turned out he was heading to Tokyo, then to Sapporo for a few days for work, he is in supply chains or something, so was good to catch up, when he said i haven't seen you for months, what have you been up too? i simply laughed, and said if only you knew. It was an awkward breakfast, but thankfully he was on the other side of business class to me, so didn't have to interact too much, it was mainly through exhaustion that i wasn't in the mood, i just wanted to get on the plane, and fall asleep, which i did for most of the trip...

Return to Sydney

So i returned from yet another whirlwind trip after a couple of weeks, and thought i had to tell one of my mates, we used to play footy together when we were at school, and actually thought of all my friends he would be the most into it - so needless to say was in a cab on the way from the airport to my apartment in Alexandria and called him up to tell him what happened, i also insisted he come over and here the whole story over a beer, i also had heard on the email rumor mill that my mates love to use, that he had broken up with his long term girl and thought he would probably be in the mood for a beer.

He is known as JB and will also become another integral part of the fun had over the coming years. So JB arrived, looking quite down actually, which is very unlike him indeed, he is a very fit and active person, but he really didn't look himself this day, mind you apparently i didn't either so we kicked back, went straight into the vodka's and skipped the beers and i think we both felt better after a few martini's and a couple of these shots i make to kick things along.

Now might be a good time to tell you something very important about me, i love drinking, i love alcohol, and i spend my life immersed in the stuff, much of my time these days is involved with alcohol companies, so i do have a rather spoilt life... however i do now how to control myself as well, and would never let it affect my work, those are some of the few boundaries i set myself.

Back to the story, JB was telling me about the break up etc etc once he had loosened up, so i obligingly listened being the good friend i am, (i was bored shitless but felt his pain), so put up with it, and once i thought he was finally time to tell him what antics i had been up too...

I started to tell him the story, he was one of the culprits who didn't come that fateful night the first time i met D & J. It extended into graphic details, as boys do like to do, and when i finally finished he sat there dumb founded! Faaaaarrrrkkkiiinnngggg awesome was the response from memory. He couldn't believe that i was such a type, then delved into a story about him 4 mates when they met these 5 girls, and they all went to his place for a night of sex, which did sound fairly hot indeed. Don't get me wrong, i had a couple of 3some's in the past but the real shock to him was the swingers party.

Then the questions erupted, who did who, describe them all etc etc etc, which went on for hours in the end, to the point where we had polished off a second bottle of vodka and think we just both fell asleep on the couch. I awoke in the morning to JB shaking me saying get up, we are going for a run, my head said no way, but thought maybe i can sweat out some alcohol, and again i went into detail for him what had occurred. He was intrigued that i let a guy suck me off, saying i couldn't imagine YOU allowing a guy near your cock, your a ladies man and player from way back, i could only reply it was something that happened at the time, probably wouldn't do it again.

I actually felt good after the run and suggested a trip to the beach for a bit of sun and perving, and its always good going with JB, i can hold my own, i am not too bad too look at, but the chicks seem to love him, and he loves to show his body off, so off to Bondi we went. Given we were starving, and really hadn't eaten the night before i suggested a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs on the beach, called my girlfriend who thought i was arriving that night, not last night to come down (she lived in Bondi) and we had brekkie together. I also told JB that he was to keep all that info to himself as i wasn't comfortable trying to get M (the gf) to cross over into the wild side of life. We did have sex a lot, it was just always plain sex, and JB new it, i had complained about it since we got together, so he new very well to shut up!

I was very quiet during breakfast - as this was the first time i had seen my gf for about a month, when i was back a couple of weeks earlier, she was in Adelaide for work, so we missed each other, but i think i had a major attack of the guilt's. She had things to do that day so i said we would catch up for dinner that night with a group of friends, at my favorite place restaurant in Leichhardt, its this fantastic seafood place in the forum, i don't know if its still there, but next time i am back i will be sure to check in to have a look.

JB and i hung out that day doing sweet F A and i suggested to the lads we all have pre dinner drinks in Leichhardt where a mate of mine runs a pub. So all the boys gathered a couple of hours earlier than the ladies, and we all proceeded to get quite sloshed before dinner, it ended up being one of those nights where everyone was just hammered, so we all went on our way, i wasn't ready to head home, the gf was tired so it basically left me and JB to wander about. He lives in Annandale, so we actually walked back to his place with a couple of stops at various pubs along Norton St, and just as we were getting the corner of his road, he said he wanted to tell me something...

Well tell me did, actually even in the drunken state it blew me away, he said he had this fuck buddy on and off for the last couple of years, and that's why he and his gf broke up, she caught them in bed, but not the ideal scenario, as it was a guy he had been sleeping with, also someone i knew from footy playing days. I just slapped him on the back and said, well no worries, no harm done, except his fuck buddy had done the runner after JB's girl had caught them, and has disappeared from contact, now all he can think about is sex. Now this is coming from a guy who could walk into a room pick out a girl, or guy, and say lets get it on, he has an aura about him that people want to be involved with. But no, he gave me a moral dilemma and a half, he asked if i would sleep with him!!!

Fuck, shit, bugger, ok a guy sucking your cock in the moment is a little different to getting it on with one of your best mates, very different in fact. Being pissed and not in the mood to talk anymore i dialled a cab to come and get me, but he said chill out, if u don't want to its cool, just thought id ask... Cab never came, and after an hour of sitting on the steps of JB's house waiting i gave up, rang the doorbell and some random let me in. Well JB has housemates, so i knew it was sleep on the floor of the couch, but even they looked to be getting taken up, his housemates had a small party that night and everyone stayed over. I gave in walked to JB's room, where even then there were people on the floor, told him to move over, and went to bed not in a very good mood. I don't think he realised it was me until Sunday morning when he saw me open my eyes it seemed like he had rehearsed this speech over and over. Anyway it was along the lines of i am sorry etc etc, to long winded to bother telling you word for word.

Obviously all the crashers had left the room, and all i wanted to do at that point was take a shower, i stuck of alcohol and cigarettes, and my head was thumping, through annoyance as well as having had far too much to drink. I also really needed to piss and walked out of JB's room while he was still jabbering some nonsense. I was having a nice piss when he walked in and continued to yap my ear off, so thought there is only one way to deal with this. JB, can you get me a towel please mate, i really need a shower? ok off he went, i stripped off and jumped into a cold shower firstly to wake up, and then let it warm up, JB came back with the towel, sat on the toilet, and continued talking again!

I asked him if he could give me a lift to my parents place as i still hadn't picked up my car, and i never leave it in Alexandria it would be stolen in seconds. He did that, i said i would call him during the week before i left. As i jumped in my car after doing lunch with the parents i went to Bondi to see the lady and get some action that i had been hanging for. Just i was coming into her place i got the guilt's again and had second thoughts, although, i knew she was flying to Adelaide tonight so thought its cool, its only a few hours she wont suspect a thing. Fuck was i wrong, i got the 3rd degree on avoiding her the night before and getting shit faced, not coming back to her place after going out, not saying anything at breakfast the day before, bloody hell, i was in shit.

i just told her it had been very busy and i hadn't seen my mates in a long time, so wanted to try and see everyone before i went back. Apparently that is not the thing to say to a woman who has the shits, as a tip, when they have the shits, its all about her! Anyway after 2 hours of abuse and catch ups in between yelling, we got down to the boring sex we have together, i blew my load, then left her to pack for her trip, said see you in a few weeks. More abuse, but i was out the door before i had to listen to the worst of it.

I jumped in my car and was on the way home when i thought i should ring D & J to see how they are, and let them know i am in town for a couple of days. Well what a great surprise, they were happy to here from me, and they had plans for that night so we agreed to meet for dinner tomorrow night (Monday) and then head back to their place for drinks after. Sounded great to me!

i got off the phone just as i was pulling up at my place and guess who was standing at the front door, well JB of course... I wasn't too thrilled about him being there, as i was looking forward to getting some rest and just chilling out with a bottle of wine. Well he was a mate, so i invited him in, he thought he should do some explaining, so i let him do it, he probably did have a lot on his chest, given he told me his fuck buddy was a guy, probably had far more head issues than i was thinking, so let him get it out.

I stayed fairly quiet and when he stopped talking a went straight to the counter to get some grey goose poured out and get some martini's into us. That was quite full on, and he was visibly emotional, so my trick as always, is alcohol, especially a martini, they always make me feel good!

Turns out that was the worst thing to do, JB got plastered, as was i, and proceeded to start crying and be very emotional. Unfortunately i am not a very useful person when it comes to people being upset, and the best thing for me to do is try and leave the room, but given there wasn't anyone else i thought i had best stay and be supportive in my own stupid way, crack jokes, cheer him up, whatever, i just don't like seeing people cry.

Anyway we just chilled out over some more drinks and JB came around, he was basically spending all that time alluding to the fact that he isnt sure whats going on and he hates himself for hurting his ex, who he still loves, but he likes dick as well.. i think that's the easiest way to put it.

That lead me to ask him some deep questions about his man on man sex life, and question what he wants to do long term. Very vague answer came out of that, but he said he isn't ready to make a decision, and needs more time to play around to see what he likes.

Of course then given my recent experiences and got into the questions and said whats it like etc, do you give or take etc... was quite an intriguing story of how it developed, and while JB doesn't admit it, there is clearly something deeper between him and his mate, its a shame thinking back that he didn't push harder to sort it out cause he is a cool guy.

That night i really needed to sleep in a bed, and JB wasn't driving home after drinking way too much, i told him to stay in the spare room, but there were no blankets or sheets on the bed, and i wasn't making it in that state, so said take the couch. He didn't look like he cared and was ready to collapse anywhere by the looks of things.

So off i went to bed thinking another weekend has gone by and was thinking about it all when i heard someone coming towards my bedroom, no guesses as to who it was, and he did exactly what i had done an hour earlier, strip to his jocks and collapse on the bed. Of course by that time i was over hearing about it all so pretended to be asleep. Well it didn't matter as he wanted to talk more about it all, by that stage i was getting cold so i got under the covers, as did he, and we talked more, actually i grunted occasionally i think, while he spilled more about his life.

I obviously fell asleep at some point, because i woke up to someone stroking my head and chest, and snuggled very close into my back while doing it. It was also very clear it wasn't a woman as the third leg that was very clearly rising to the occasion against my ass was not something you would feel from a woman, well not normally anyway, as i will discover in a very funny episode in Thailand later on!

So i did my best to ignore it but it became a bit much when the hand went from chest to stomach and from stomach to groin. I couldn't deny it didn't feel nice, but i had no idea it had got me hard. I think we were as shocked as each other when he did that, so he realised i was awake, before i got the chance to say bugger off, he had his lips on mine, and his tongue was exploring my mouth. I guess i was at the point where i was thinking, maybe it will stop shortly, so i kissed back after my stunned mullet moment and got right into it. What i did next i probably will never forget, i rolled on top of him, sat on his chest and grabbed both his arms so he couldn't move, and asked him flat out did he want to do this?

The answer was very clear by the look of lust in his eyes which i could see from the moonlight coming in the window, however his answer was what defined it in no uncertain terms. I have been trying to do this for years, i want you bad, but never had the nerve to tell you, and after you said you got sucked off by a guy i couldn't resist any longer, that's why i have been so strange around you! Well the rest they say is history, and that's how i found my bi side as well, that one night.

its cool, ill finish the story of that night, couldn't leave it at that now could i?

So we went into a deep embrace, one that the movies would be jealous of. That continued until we both got our jocks off and were rolling around naked on the bed in what i was finding to be more and more erotic by the second. JB took me in his mouth, and clearly had done this before, as he went all the way down my shaft, now i am not that small either, a 7" uncut dick that's reasonably thick as well, so i thought i was in heaven, and boy did i blow a load in his mouth! He seemed to love it, so didn't say anything, it came my turn to go to the next level, i did hesitate at first, but just jumped in and had a go.

Its really not that tough, or so i thought, but sucking a dick is like eating an ice cream, you cant concentrate on one area, otherwise the rest starts to melt, so thought i did quite well at it actually, i am a firm believer, if your going to do something, make sure you do it well! The real shock came when i got a mouthful of spunk, something i wasn't ready for at all, but recovered quite well and managed to give JB some of his loving back, well he enjoyed that as well and thought i was just being kinky, when in fact i was thinking of the time my gf did it to me, as she cant stand it.. haha small minds hey...

I continued to kiss him this time, yes me instigating as i had done that much now, i wanted to do it all in one night, fuck, be fucked suck do the lot, so i said this to JB and i have never seen a cock excited quicker than that, as well as him, he was all over me again, he said perhaps i should fuck him first to see how it all works, but he wanted to see me to do it, so he lay on his back stuck his feet over my shoulders, and said take it slowly, and enjoy!

Well i lubed up and under instruction lubed his ass to the point there was lube everywhere, but hey it was all good, started to push at his hole with my insanely hard cock and it went in rather easily, well easier than i thought it would! We stayed like that with slow motions until i was getting into it, and he wanted to flip over and be taken from behind... so we did that too, that way fun indeed as JB was really getting into it, saying to go harder, faster etc... well he blew again without touching himself and i pulled out and blew all over his ass and back, in what was becoming a theme for the night, great fucking orgasms!!!

After that we cooled down a bit and i suggested a shower, as i had lube all over me, and the bed was covered in spunk and lube, so we jumped in together and talked about what happened, i said that when he is ready he can fuck me as well, its only fair, and then he said something way out of left field, and very unselfishly, its cool, you'll know when your ready to do it...

We slept under a clean blanket naked that night and he had left early before i woke up...

Where it all started...

Well you do need a brief intro as to how this all started way back when...

I am a 25 year single male, who discovered the virtues of swinging a couple of years ago whilst in Sydney, (which is also where I went to school). I am originally from country Victoria, but these days I am based in Singapore, and have previously held posts in PNG and Tokyo. I run my own business, and love what I do, however as I get older, and uglier, I thought I need to start having more fun, and I am an open guy, so also share my experiences from Asia and beyond, hence the blog title, tales from Asia.

That's about as much as you need to know right now, now into the fun and excitement of discovering group sex!

At the time this all started i had been dating a girl for about 2 and a half years, but new very well she wouldn't be into this scene, so at the time neglected to tell her about my antics, and apart from that she was used to me being away a lot, so didn't think twice that i would be cheating on her with swingers!

It started in 2003, I had just returned from one of my never ending trips, it was midweek, and I called my mates to see if anyone wanted to catch up for a drink, i had been having a particularly good few months business wise, and thought it VERY necessary to go on a good old Aussie bender. Clearly I don't have enough friends, as none of them would be in it that night, so i thought, bugger it, ill go out and have my own fun. At the time i had a place in Alexandria in Sydney, which is not too far from Fox Studios, where i thought could be nice to go and have a drink and dinner.

I was getting particularly sloshed, after a 12 hour flight, and zero sleep in the days prior, and thought time for dinner and shots, don't ask long story, must be the influence of sake with food in Japan, but i didn't want more beer, and lets not forget, i was on a mission to get sloshed. So a steak and salad later, as well as something like 8 tequila's was fairly hammered watching the 24 hour sport Chanel when this gorgeous girl came up to me and asked if i would like to join her and her boyfriend for a drink, as they were celebrating and couldn't bare to do it alone.

This is really where the story gets interesting as much of the next few years worth of antics stems from this one memorable night at Fox Studios. I introduced myself, I wont use their real names, as they are quite private people, (and i did get their permission before doing this too by the way).. so D & J (d being female, and J being male) told me about themselves, late 20's couple, long term, just bought their first house in Surry Hills, very excited, D is a lawyer, and J is an advertising exec, so they were out to celebrate their purchase, and it seems none of their friends were into hitting it hard on a Wednesday night.

We continued to drink until the early hours, until the pub finally closed and kicked us out, where we all stumbled to a taxi, given Surry Hills was on the way to Alexandria, it made sense that we jump in a cab together. When we arrived at their place they insisted on one last drink before i head home, i had the most rubber arm that night, they were great company, so thought, why not!

Well i was in for a shock, nothing in the house but a small bar fridge, a mattress, and a couch that had all been taken over that morning by J so they could spend their first night in semi comfort, at that point it wouldn't have mattered we were all that drunk.

While J went to relieve himself, D grabbed a bottle of champers from the mini fridge and thought we have to drink it, given we are still celebrating, and by that time the only thing i would be celebrating is a hang over in a few hours when i had to get up for meetings.

Never the less of course i obligated by taking a swig from bottle of bubbly, and by this time, D was getting up close and personal, which i have to say was making me slightly nervous, given her boyfriend was in the next room. Then it happened! I think i actually shat myself, D basically jumped my bones, had my pants off in no time flat and my cock in her mouth, which she seemed to be loving. I have to say i didn't have any trouble getting it up so to speak, my concern was do i continue copping a great head job, or do i remove her from my groin and say what the hell?

Well i tried and D was mumbling that's its no problem J doesn't mind, mind you with a mouthful of cock it doesn't sound like that!! Well J came back into the room and basically with a smile on his face came over and joined in, OK, heart stopped briefly again when he came in, but it became very clear these 2 hotties were not the average run of the mill, and i don't think it have ever occur ed to me that swingers actually exist apart from on the net! Well here i was getting a great blow job while J fondled D's tits and then started to just pound her ass, he insist that i fuck her as well, at which point i was really getting into it.

That's as much detail as needs to be said at this point, but after we all had that great after glow, and we all shared a cigarette, i started to ask questions. Is this the first time? (giggles turn to outright drunken laughter - clearly not), how often do you do this, is it just guys, or do you do girls as well? so for the next hour or so i got the talk from them about it all, turns out they actually host swingers parties!

Well from that point on we stayed in contact, and they invited me for a BBQ that weekend as well, which was great as i flew out on the night flight to Tokyo, so filled in my Sunday afternoon nicely. I thought it only fair to bring a bottle of champers to help them celebrate the move and the new house. Well when they said BBQ was i sadly mistaken, it was a repeat of the other night, however just a lot more people involved... There must have been 20 people there, all couples i think, except me, however J said he thought after the other night i might enjoy it, so thought they should invite me, and he also said if i wasn't comfortable i didn't have to involve myself in anything, well i thought bugger it, you only live once, they were all very attractive people. Boy did i have a lot to learn about the varieties of swingers parties!

After J ensured i was comfortable being there, D came down to greet me, wearing a whole lot of fuck all! Well i thought, why not, when it Rome! After D had greeted me and asked all the same questions J had just asked, are you sure your OK with this etc.. she whispered into J's ear that someone it waiting upstairs to be fucked by him, the next bit is what caught my attention - it was a guy, J going to fuck a guy? Whatever i thought, maybe they are just messing with me. Anyway J left and D said common ill introduce to some 'friends'. (Which i learnt later most actually are, they have a very strict invite only policy, one of the group must recommend the couple), and ended up often catching up with various couples over the coming years as well.

So D and i went for a tour of the house, i met some people that were not shagging at that point, who were also just relaxing outside on the patio sitting around drinking wine and enjoying each others company, so i thought that might be happy to chill out there for the time being, have a drink and loosen up. Loose was a bad use of the expression, as i was to learn D is a very sexual person, and simply cant get enough of anything to do with sex!

As i was just sitting down to my first drink, D started to rub my groin, and suggest i become more suitable attired, given the rest of the table was in nothing more than underwear or naked, then i thought, fair enough, so we went inside and D got my clothes off for me, which was getting me very hard too, as D is simply gorgeous, and thoughts of the first encounter came racing through my mind.

As she removed my t-shirt and ran her hands along chest and stomach, i was busting at the seam to get my pants off and get my hands on D. Well clearly she had the same idea as she removed my belt and yanked my jeans down to find my very hard cock staring over the top of my jocks which she also very quickly removed, and finally, naked! Well from there it really got started and she pushed back on the couch and went to work on my cock, in a similar manner to last time, needless to say i was groaning in approval.

Didn't take her long to have me thinking, shit i am going to blow, but this girl new what she was doing, and could see it in me, so grabbed a condom, and very sexily slid it on my cock while looking me straight in the eyes, and saying, you are about to have the best of your life! Guess what, D doesn't bullshit when it comes to sex, she certainly did give me the best fuck of my life, and by the time we had done it in an array of positions, and i finally understood what it really was to give a woman an orgasm, i finally let go and blew what i still think is one of the biggest loads of my life... even D was saying, shit i have never seen that much cum! By that time we had an audience of 8 people watching, and J was stroking his cock in front of the group, and D went over quickly to get him off, which took all of about 60 seconds, and by that time i was finally starting to think clearly, and i think i just had a great big goofy grin on my face...

Well that then lead to a break for a few of us, i went back to finishing the glass of wine i had hardly started, by this time everyone was well and truly nude, and it seemed as though i was the centre of attention, all the usual first time questions i soon learnt everyone always asks at a party like that. I chilled out for an hour or so, when i realised my flight left in a couple of hours, and thought i am certainly not done yet, so suggested to D & J we head upstairs to play some more, i don't think they could have leapt to their feet fast enough!

We arrived upstairs J asked if i was into guy on guy action, which to date i had never contemplated either, and thought well i can try it, i was comfortable with them both now so thought, ill let you suck my cock, but not sure if i want to reciprocate at this point, J was more than willing to get on his knees and blow me well and truly, to another amazing orgasm while D sat back and watched whilst fingering herself and playing with her luscious tits!

That basically ended the day except for a quick shower with D & J as well where i had a good scrub wandered downstairs, rang a cab, got dressed, and thought fuck me i need to get to the airport, grabbed my bags ran outside, hailed a cab, was an hour to go before flight left, and went on my merry way, i thanked D & J for the great day, sent my apologies for not saying goodbye to the rest of them, and got to the airport and jumped on the flight...

I had been doing the Sydney to Tokyo flight quite regularly and the hosties new me quite well by that time and said i had a particular glow and looked very well that evening! i just laughed said hi and collapsed in my seat and thought about the 5 days that had just transpired, i think i had a hard on the entire way to Tokyo!

This is how it all started, and i couldn't wait to get back to Sydney for more fun and adventure, so i emailed D & J while i was away and told them how much fun i had while i was in Sydney and said we must do it again sometime, and they both replied saying they would love to...